Body Style
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Ground Clearance
Front Wheels (std)
Rear Wheels (std)
Fuel Tank (std)
Curb Weight

2 Door Roadster
15" x 8"         17" Optional
15" x 10"       17" Optional
19 Gallons
approx. 2400 lbs.
BODY: The body is reinforced at strategic points for extra strength. All the hanging components are double skinned to add extra strength to the overall structure.

PAINT WORK: After the body has been assembled onto the frame to check the fit and finish, it is then sent to the painting facility.  In the paint shop each car is prepped in a designated vacuum booth before it is moved to the high tech spray booth to receive the final color.    After meticulous preparation the body shell is painted using PPG base coat clear coat paint. The final stage of the paint work is completed with the application of several layers of clear coat to ensure a high gloss and durable paint finish.  Then the car is finally baked to ensure a durable and premium paint finish.

CHASSIS: The chassis is constructed from top grade 2” x 4” rectangular steel tubing. The chassis is reinforced with steel plates in several areas to add strength to high stress areas. The final phase of the chassis building is completed when it is powder coated. This adds to the overall appearance and also helps to protect it from the environment, to help ensure a long life for your investment.

STEERING: The car comes standard with a rack and pinion type steering system. The car can accommodate a power assisted steering on special order, but with our optimal weight distribution in the car, this is not necessary.

FRONT SUSPENSION: The front suspension has cast lower wishbones with a coil over strut. We also use a stabilizer bar which adds to the overall handling of the car.

REAR SUSPENSION: The car utilizes a full I.R.S (Independent, Rear, Suspension), system, with a centrally guided multi- link, 2 track control arms and one longitudinal arm. The rear suspension is fully adjustable.

BRAKES: The car features power assisted brakes with discs all round. With ventilated discs in the front and solid discs in the rear, the car comes well equipped.

WHEELS: The wheels are a ‘Halibrand” style aluminum bolt on piece. They come in 15” as standard and can be upgraded to 17” as an optional extra.

INTERIOR: The cockpit is fully carpeted with a high grade carpet. Floor mats with bound edges and embroidered Backdraft Racing logos are a standard feature. The seats are upholstered in top quality leather. The drivers side seat features an adjustable slider. The interior of the car is not only fully functional, but it is also very comfortable and can accommodate a "taller" driver(in excess of 6 foot, we have customers that are 6'5" tall and still sit below the windshield). The interior is completed with a wood rim steering, self cancelling turn signal and a full compliment of 7 gauges.

ROLL BAR: The car comes standard with a stainless steel driver side roll bar, which comes mounted to the frame. This is a fully functional 2 piece unit.

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Backdraft Roadster Specifications
Backdraft Racing Roadster Specifications